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Whether you have been working with insurance companies for years or are just beginning to think about such a career, insurance designations can help you be better at your job! Insurance designations are, in general, intensive courses that last for around two days. They cover the basics of a specialty, such as estate planning, in more depth than the average insurance agent is familiar with and teach you have to apply this knowledge to practical cases. While insurance designations are not degrees, they do tell your clients that you have had more than the minimal training in a particular field or fields.

No matter what field of insurance you are interested in, there is probably a designation for it. In the next few paragraphs, however, you will learn about four of the most popular designations. Keep reading!

Understanding the Popular Insurance Designations

The main point of this article is to help you in understanding the popular insurance designations. We hope that, once you get a feel for these four designations, you will have a better idea of what the particular designation you are interested in offers.

Four of the most common designations are the estate planning specialist designation, the agency contact management specialist designation, financial planning life stages specialist designation, and business needs specialist designation. The estate planning designation is fairly self-explanatory; it teaches you how to better handle the estates clients place in your care. The second designation, agency contact management specialist, teaches you how to become your own boss by starting your own small insurance agency. A financial planning life stages specialist learns how to either work with clients in a particular stage of their life or how to work through all stages so that he/she can help the same client for years. Finally, a business needs specialist designation is designed for someone who already owns their own small insurance agency and would like to expand into an even larger business.

If you think you might be interested in pursuing one of these designations or one of the many others that are offered, do a little research to find the program best suited for your personal needs. The Internet is a great way to find programs that are in your region, are completely online based, are affordable, or are highly praised. In just a few short days, you may well be one your way to becoming a specialist in the field about which you are most passionate. Good luck!

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