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Insurance: Do You Want a Noodle With That?

According to www.insurancenoodle.com, Insurance Noodle is both a licensed insurance agency and a technology company, and their goal is to become the platform of choice for the distribution of small commercial property and casualty insurance in the United States. This all sounds good enough, so why haven't you heard of this company before? And, perhaps even more importantly, what does all this professional jargon even mean?

Insurance Noodle is held by Insurance Vianet Inc., which was founded in 2003. Don't let the relative newness of this company fool you, though; as a self-proclaimed web-enabled wholesaler of commercial property and casualty insurance products from the nation's leading insurance companies, Insurance Noodle offers insurance products for 1600 types of businesses in 49 states AND Washington, D.C.!

What Can Insurance Noodle Do For Me?

By this point, you are probably asking, "What can Insurance Noodle do for me?" Insurance Noodle is actually quite beneficial to most small businesses. If you become a member, you get quotes from several different companies with one easy application. Insurance Noodle also offers the service of specialty brokers, including such services as directors' and officers' liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, workers' compensation for restaurants, and general liability for larger risks.

If you are still uncertain about Insurance Noodle, take this into consideration: Insurance Noodle offers a claim center that is open 24/7! If you have an emergency at 2:00 AM, you can get your claim filed immediately! This is wonderful for creating peace of mind. Additionally, Insurance Noodle represents such companies as AIG, Chubb, CNA, The Hartford, Markel, OneBeacon, Philadelphia, Safeco, St. Paul Travelers, XL Specialty, and Zurich U.S. With so many top-ranked companies willing to work with Insurance Noodle, what more assurance do you need?

If any of the above mentioned information appeals to you, please visit www.insurancenoodle.com for more information. With a few simple clicks, you can know that your property is well-protected and say goodbye to sleepless nights forever!

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