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Predict Insurance Costs With Groupings

Insurance groupings factor into the cost of premiums for car insurance. When people start looking for car insurance, many people look for the most affordable options that still provide the coverage and protection they want and need. Some companies and states have insurance rates that are much higher or lower than others, but other factors besides location influence premium cost, as well. If someone is really interested in finding the best value in car insurance, the most important thing is to research insurance companies and insurance groupings to find out what characteristics have an effect on cost.

Insurance Groupings: An Explanation

Insurance groupings essentially establish a hierarchy of insurance premiums, based on many different characteristics of the car to be insured and the driver. An insurance grouping is a numerical value assigned to vehicles that describes the potential risk the insurance company sees in this car. This means that based on how likely it is for that particular car to require financial payment in terms of insurance compensation, the insurance grouping will increase. Insurance groupings are designated with the numbers one to twenty, with one being the lowest risk cars and twenty being the highest risk. It is almost equally as hard to be on either extreme of the scale, and most mid-sized cars used by families today fall in the middle area, from grouping six to twelve.

Insurance groupings are important to everyday people because the grouping a specific car is in determines how much the insurance premium will cost. Cars in the lower insurance groupings cost less to insure, while cars in the higher groupings cost significantly more. Although knowing the insurance grouping after you buy a car will do little to help you when negotiating an insurance rate, it will at least explain why your premium seems to be high or low. The area in which knowing insurance groupings can be most helpful is car purchase. If a potential car buyer is interested in buying a new car but wants to ensure that he or she can secure a low insurance premium, it is a good idea to look at cars in the lower insurance groupings as opposed to the higher risk, higher grouping options.

There are many different factors that affect insurance grouping. The size and capability of the engine can have an effect because these cars are designed for more speed and may be used accordingly. How well cars rate in safety crash tests and what additional safety features they have can affect insurance grouping, as well.

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